Getting there &


Millennium Estoril Open
Clube de Ténis do Estoril
Avenida Conde de Barcelona
2765-470 Estoril


Latitude: 38º71'61,88"N
Longitude: -9º39'31,38"W
Acessos & Estacionamento
1. Parking at the Autódromo do Estoril
- Free of charge
- Schedule: open 24/7
- Security: 24/7
Shuttles: Constant shuttle service
- One hour before the venue’s opening and one hour after the venue’s closing.
- Shuttles’ Route: Millennium Estoril Open – Autódromo do Estoril – Millennium Estoril Open

2. Boa Nova Parking
Where: Sª da Boa Nova’s Church parking. Rua Campo Santo 441, Estoril
- Price: €10/car/day in (only for premium seats tickets owners).
- Schedule
Opening: one hour before the venue’s opening
Closing: one hour after the venue’s closing.
- Security: durante o período do Horário definido /According to the planned Schedule.
Shuttles: Constant shuttle service
Shuttles’ Route: Millennium Estoril Open– Boa Nova Parking - Millennium Estoril Open

How to get to the club?
- Constant shuttle servisse from the Estoril’s train station
CP pricing promotion:
- Cascais’ line train ticket for €2 (round trip) for whoever shows a Millennium Estoril Open’s ticket.
- The CP clients with a monthly ticket have the right to a 10% discount on the tournament’s tickets. Applicable at the venue’s ticket counter.

Transportes MobiCascais
- BusCas Estoril bus is free. It is required to show your daily ticket or credential.
- Parking in front of the Estoril’s Casino: 1€/day.

Shuttles: Estoril’s Train Station – Estoril’s Casino – Millennium Estoril Open’s Entrance Gate (Avenida Condes de Barcelona)

Available on the App or on the website:

BiCAS(Shared bicycles)
- Free.
Location:By the Estoril’s Train Station or at the Millennium Estoril Open’s Entrance Gate (Avenida Condes de Barcelona)
At both sites there will be staff from MobiCascais that will spare the bicycles if a Millennium Estoril Open daily ticket and an id are shown. .